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Rajib Bhattacharyya

Rajib Bhattacharyya's Last Climb
Dhaulagiri May 2016
What Happened? Why did happen?

Dream Wanderlust

Disclaimer: This is a report based on some interviews and data collected...

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Biren Sarkar

Interview with Birendra Sarkar

Dream Wanderlust

Birendra Sarkar is among the most respected senior Mountaineers from West...

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Changabang: Confessions Clarifications and Conclusions

Confessions: I first read "Shining Mountain" in 1982, a second hand copy ...

ANINDYA and his SATOPANTH: The Path HE Chose

My last post was emotional, sentimental and hurried. So this rather longish postscript. ...

Making of a mountaineer

I'm a book worm and as worms go all naturally occurring stuff interest me.Also petrifie ...

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