Rainy Days

The Diamonds
Mesmerizing Sikkim
Raindrops on glass - an expression of monsoon
Gloomy Singalila
Raindrops on Flower
Color of Monsoon
Cloudy Sandakphu
A Drop of Pearl
Shimmering Raindrops
Liquid Ferns
A Drop of Pearl
A Drop of Pearl
Liquid Miklhood
Pastel Nature
Under the Sunset Sky
The Way through the Woods
Droplets of Diamonds
Floating Pearls
Shimmering Dewdrops on Grass
Frozen Nature
Ice Maiden
Colorless Moon
Silver Thread of Life 2
Silver Thread of Life
Frozen Onyx
Rainy Himachal
Raindrops Absorbing Colors
Rain Through Window
Rain Forest
Rain Drive
Monsoon at Manali
Green Raindrops
Cloudy Beach
Cloud Land
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Bay of Bengal
Dancing in the rain
Water logging in jungle after heavy shower
The rays of heaven
Refreshing rain
A drop from heaven
Nature in liquid sunshine
Floating under the sunset sky
Monsoon in Jim Corbett National Park
Monsoon in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
The beauty of rain
India Gate under the sky
Monsoon in Mumbai
Shimmering raindrops
A drop of tear
Rhythm of falling rain
Dewdrops of joy
Droplets of Diamonds
Dancing leaf in the rain
The smell of first monsoon
A drop of pearl
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