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      As an editor, I have covered more than four years of journey with Dream Wanderlust and it is my pleasure to see the site growing and getting popular every day. It gives me a kind of thrill to write and edit for this site, perhaps because it associates me with something I too love very much- Nature. Yes, 'Nature' is one thing that binds all the members of Team Wanderlust with an unseen chord. We don't make money from it. We don't do business from it. We just run and promote this site for the love of nature, our true mother. Dream Wanderlust just hopes to bring mankind one step close to nature - to see it, explore it, understand it, love it and enjoy it and especially to stop us from killing it.

As a group, Dream Wanderlust treks around in far away and distant land to discover the enchanting beauty of nature. It explores the nature around it and shows the beauty of nature that we miss trapped in our daily life, the 'Feature' category in the Wander Snap column is especially designed for this. We also share with our readers' articles and photographs about our trekking and travel experiences and many other informative and interesting facts about nature, articles about preservation and conservation of nature that will make the readers appreciate nature and care for it.

As an editor, I always ensure that Dream Wanderlust becomes the channel between nature and its readers. Reading our articles will not only show you the many colours and wonders of nature but also give you the idea of what should be your next holiday destination. Furthermore, we always encourage our readers to share their travelling experiences with us through blogs and photographs. If you have been to a place that is unique but unknown and would like to share it with the world, then Dream Wanderlust is the right platform to share it. Just check out the submission category that will help to write and submit to Dream Wanderlust easily. Hope to give and get the best of Nature!!

Anwesha Ghosh

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