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May 25, 2016

Thank you team DWL for keeping the world updated about the Everest tragedy. The Calcutta media both print and visual have been disgusting in their reporting, printing and voicing lies and half truths and plain fiction. You brought some sanity in this unprecedented madness,a cooked up frenzy driven by filthy profit oriented unscrupulous market forces,who see nothing beyond sales figures and trp ratings.

Authentication and credibility are alien factors for these reporters. Keep up the good work.

Warm regards and gratitude.

Dr. Rupak Bhattacharya - Calcutta

Apr 13, 2016

Congratulations on your feedback video of the Banff Film Festival.BUT some spectators were carrying a WRONG impression that Himalayan Club Calcutta were the main organisors.They were mere spectators,and it was the very hard and sincere efforts of your team which made the festival a grand success.It would be entirely justified if you also state in the video the correct facts.Sincere thanks and best wishes.

Dr Rupak Bhattacharya - Calcutta

Apr 10, 2016

Congratulations.Your very hard and sincere efforts made the Banff festival a huge success.What the so called "clubs" have not been able to do for so many years you have done at the first attempt.You have summited an organisaional Everest putting the "Everesteers" to shame.Thank you for a wonderful exciting experience.Best of luck and the very best of wishes.

Dr Rupak Bhattacharya - Calcutta

Jun 23, 2014

It would be really great to get connected to such a great Traveller Trekker and free Souls devoted to Nature...

Sanjay Guhathakurta - Entrepreneur

Apr 8, 2014

As an avid nature lover & amateur photographer want to hold your hand

Subhankar Paul - Mechanical Engineer

Sept 4, 2013

Don't know who I am, what does life mean??
Nothing have achieved till, nothing have to win!!
I have heard about her.. she is holy, pure...
She will accept me!!! Well...I am not sure...
Yeah ... I am... a poor fellow indeed...
But her divine existence makes me replete.
Starting a new day with sweet note of bird!!
Oh God!! I am blessed; my life's best part...
Now I am at first step, wavering in mind;
Thrill can be sensed even in gentle wind..
The trace less traveler, addicted to delusive grove;
Groping myself here, being totally aloof...
Sometimes question about my ability arises doubt,
But the rays falling on peak provoke to set out..
Clouds warmly greet the hill, when it touches the sky;
The magical beauty encourages me, to aim high!!
Beckoning of the amorous nature I can't ignore;
As if waves of love touching my heart's shore..
The charming flowers and variegated butterflies;
How do I explain them or simply say nice??
Entrancement of ice through greenly leaf's edge;
That heavenly season leaf truly does amaze!!!
Restless stream passes through stony paves playfully,
Just like dense mist guides insight carefully!!!
Being tired of life, seek shelter in mother's lap;
To start in new way, after a peaceful nap...
That vivid white snow land making me brisk;
Compels to forget useless stuff, those rubbish politics..
Here in dark silence hear my heart's pulsation;
Now she is within me, feeling warm sensation..
Is it my only desire, the never ending thirst??
May be it's my Dream...my "DREAM WANDERLUST"..!!!

Rituparna Chowdhury - Kolkata