"We are 'wanderlust'
From nature we satiate our thirst,
When the petals of heart sloth to move each step
And the drudged eye searches escape from flimsy existence
It is then our LUSTY heart backpack the bags,
To WANDER in nature and stir up the silenced HEART..."

The above refrain sums up the very theme of our group. We believe in this and embrace each and every moment that life throws at us. We are a bunch of nature lovers who venture out on each opportunity available to explore the wisdom of nature: To explore the orchids in the high mountains, criss cross the dangerously narrow steeps and gorges where a wrong footfall can take you to the realms of darkness, to capture the ever increasing altitudes where the most breathtaking views of the world are juxtaposed by the ever decreasing oxygen level, to be enchanted by the ice-capped mountains where the sun kisses the horizon to reflect into plethora of colors, to enjoy the thrill of camping in the dark forests where your only neighbors are wild animals - all these enthrall us...

DREAM WANDERLUST is a trekking community that wishes to create a global forum for all nature lovers and adventurers to share their rendezvous with nature. In this technological age where our fast tracked lifestyle has divorced us from Mother Nature, Dream Wanderlust just envision bringing mankind back to the heart of nature and make you fall in love with the beauty of your own planet once again. Whenever you feel the disjunction in life or want a break from it to be you, or wish for an escape from the time bound present nine-to-nine existence and the limitations it impose- all you want is Dream Wanderlust - The Freedom. All we wish is to have some rendezvous with nature, to feel the fresh air and endless sky, the deep forest and the wild, capture the vibrant colors through photography, to trek and wander along.

So here is a call to all nature lovers and adventurers to join us. If you think that you are excited in the same way whenever you hear the word "trekking" or get dreams of being in the high mountains while reading above, this is the perfect place for you to share your experiences.