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The general guideline for submission of articles and photography:

Friends, do you want to showcase your talent worldwide?!? Then Dream Wanderlust gives you the wonderful opportunity to share your articles, images and videos of nature with them. If you are an ardent nature lover and if you have good photography skills or writing skills then Dream Wanderlust is the right portal for you to share your experience with the world.

Before you submit article, please keep in mind the following points:

1. Submitted articles should be related to nature, wildlife, travel, trekking, expedition, or informative based.

2. The article should have minimum of 600 words and should not exceed more than 2500 words.

3. The article should be written in US, UK or Indian English in Microsoft Word Document format, in Times New Roman font and12 font size.

4. Any photograph related to the article should be submitted separately.

5. The article should not contain any syntax error, grammatical error, construction error, spelling error, punctuation error etc. Weak or vague construction, unnecessary or fragmented sentences, missing or misplaced elements and any kind of wrong or copied information shall not be entertained.

[Note: Any article having more than five errors will be send back to the author for revision and re-submission. In case, the author doesn't comply with Teamwanderlust and re-submit the article with same errors the article will automatically get rejected sending the author a notice via email.]

6. Please do not copy article(s) written by others and do not send others photos with your name. Check your article(s) in copyscape before sending it to Dreamwanderlust.

Criteria for publishing photographs in Dreamwanderlust:

1. Images should be nature, wildlife, travel, trekking, expedition or feature related.

2. Please do not submit more than 20 images at a time.

3. The photographs will be selected based on the theme, concept, quality and uniqueness of the images.

4. The photographer is expected to provide a proper title and description to each of the photographs he or she wishes to publish. In case, the photographer is unable to do so, Team Wanderlust will do it on behalf of the photographer. However, he/she is expected to provide sufficient information to Team Wanderlust regarding the images.

The photograph should be original and should not belong to someone else. [Note: Dream Wanderlust shall not be held liable for piracy. The photographer takes the sole responsibility for the photographs he/she wishes to publish.]

Submit images or articles to us. Selected articles and images will be published online after review and modification with your name for global exposure.

NB: This is not a business site. Our main purpose is to build a community full of nature lovers where one can share their thoughts and experience with everyone. The articles and images you send to us will create a new topic for debate and discussion in our community. We assure you that we are not making any business using your article and images. So, feel free to join our community by sending your Dreamwanderlust.

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