The Himalaya: Tranquil & Eternal

Tapan Pandit

Category: trekking
Date of Publication: Aug 28 , 2013

Now a days people cannot satiate their thirst for the splendour of Himalaya only by sensory pleasure of its spectacular scenery. They want to realize the eternal silence of the Himalaya where at its innermost territory the unconquered peaks are ever alert for the security of the virgin vales. New trek routes, yet to discover are beckoning the aspiring young trekker so that they could listen the silent hymns of the sky-kissing summits offered for the adoration of the Supreme.

The call of Himalaya first came to my life while we were spending the rosy moments of our honeymoon at Kashmir. A trail of a few kilometers near Gulmarg made us deeply fascinated. We trimmed our itinerary of visiting Kashmir and headed for Gomukh. Thus we ventured our pursuit of the infinite. However, trekking on the well known routes would not make us feel content. We were yearning for the more profound experiences. After long strive we successfully completed our first expedition of 'Debsa Pass'. After that we felt no need to look behind. Books, maps, journals and suggestions from experienced trekkers have helped us to find the address of mystic rapture of discovering veiled faces of Himalaya. In This album I am sharing some of the photographs taken during our several trekking arranged in a random way. I hope it may instill the inspiration of exploring some un-stepped corners of Himalaya among the young trekker - Tapan Pandit

Barasu Pass
Bishali Lake Trikeder
Black peak from Arunjhari
Chakra Tirtha Satapanth
Dawne from Dhumadhar Pass
Dawne from Lamkhaga Pass
Debsa glacier
On Debsa pass
Dhumadhar Pass
Jumo in Spiti Valley Himachal
Lamkhaga Pass from Baspa
Land of Spiti
Larsa We Pass
Larsa We Pass
Larsa We Pass
Larsa We Pass
Little Droupadi
Lord Buddha Kungri Monastry Pin Valley
Neelkanth and Parvati Base Camp area
Panpatia main icefall
Parvati Gully
Parvati in Panpatia upper icefield
Shipton Icefall
Tentu Pass from Solan Valley
The main icefall and Mt Parvati
The main icefall PanPatia col is in distance
Towards PanPatia col
Towards Tentu Pass
Transit Camp
Way to Barasu Pass
Way to Debsa Pass
Way to Manirang
Way to Larsa We Pass
Barasu range from Morinder
Chakra Tirtha
Chakra Tirtha
Ganga La pass
Localites at Kugti
Mawali pass
To Rupkunda
To Baguabassa
Thorang La
Thorang La
Thorang La
Satapanth Lake
On the way to Talaw
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