Panpatia Pass Expedition

Tapan Pandit

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Date of Publication: Aug 30 , 2013

A team under the leadership of Mr. Tapan Pandit had explored a new shortest possible route which connects Kedarnath to Badrinath temple in 2007. This album illustrates the snaps of the first ever done exploration through the 'Parvati Gully'.

"How the bells tolled - A group of trekkers from Bengal, led by Tapan Pandit has found a new route that connects Badrinath to Kedarnath" - The Telegraph 22-07-2007

"It's a superb route and is certainly a big achievement from the trekkers from Bengalwho have opened it." - Harish Kapadia, Editor, Himalayan Journal.

"Jekhane konodin manusher pa poreni, sekhanei urlo bharater jatiyo potaka! Oralen Bangalirai" - Anandabazar Partika, 13-01-2008.

"As per as an ancient legend it is believed that there is a route between the temples of Badrinath and Kedarnath. The route was supposed to be short enough for the same priest to perform puja at both temples in a single day. To verify and follow the legend great explorers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman made the crossing of the valleys from Badrinath to Kedarnath in 1934. They barely survived. Perhaps there was another route for such a crossing. It may exist, via the nearby Panpatia Glacier, crossing high cols at its head. This route may be a bit longer but it would be safer. That was not to be and two trekkers from Bengal were reported missing, presumed dead, while attempting to reverse the trail. With my team from Mumbai I attempted the route but we were bogged down by the seemingly never-ending Panpatia icefall. It is in light of these previous explorations that the crossing of the Panpatia by the present team, Led by Tapan Pandit must be viewed. NO doubt they were helped by location of a gully which bypassed the Panpatia icefall, but at its head they crossed two passes and completed the route" - Harish Kapadia

Team Members: Tapan Pandit (team leader), Usha Pandit, Debabrata Mukherjee (Climbing Leader), Biman Biswas, Shankar(Shanku) Mandol, and 7 porters including Hardeo Singh(HAP), sundor(HAP).

Photo Credit: Tapan Pandit & Debabrata Mukherjee

Khirao bridge
Fly camp 2440m
Khirao nala
Khirao vill 2800m
Bhagavati temple 2800m
Transit camp 3540m
BC 3800m
1st Ice camp 4320m
1st Ice fall
Parvati gully
Google view
Panpatia Main ice fall
2nd Camp 4610m
Parvati camp 5060m
Google view
Parvati col 5246m
Panpatia upper ice filled from parvati col
Panpatia upper ice filled camp 5189m
Chaukhamba group
Panpatia upper ice filled from Panpatia col
Nilkanth and Parvati from Panpatia col
Asit tal
Asit tal camp 4547m
Sujal saravar
Kachni camp 4220m
Gangtri region from Dwara col
Mandani bugial
Bishali col
Bishali glacier
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