Chungsakhago Expedition

Tapan Pandit

Category: trekking
Date of Publication: Sept 2 , 2013

Kinnaur, the land of God and Goddess was closed till 1992 for the tourists. The Land after the last village Chhitkul towards the Tibet border is restricted to cvilian for the security reasons. From Nithal (40 Km away from Chhitkul) one can continue to Lamkhaga Pass which located at only about 50 km from Tibet border and Harshil along the Baspa Nala on its Gangotri Pass route. However, on the left part of the Baspa River, the Arsomang valley and beyond that is totally out of reach for the civilian and I.T.B.P. as well. Tapan Pandit from Amtala Anneshan with his teammates attempted to explore this hidden part, known as revenue collector's path in 2008. In 2009 they successfully crossed the Chungsakhago pass (5,600m) and explored the virgin Arsomang valley for the first time.

Google Map
Chungsa Khago Map
Movment to Chorgad Bijli Bamak
Arsomang main glacier
At the top
Chungsakhago pass from Chorgad Uttary Bamak
Chunsakhago pass from Arsomang glacier
Descent from Uttaribamak
Glacial pool at Arsomang shnout
Glacial pool at Arsomang shnout
Nakdum thatch
Top of Chunsakhago
Top of Chunsakhago
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