A Trip to Bhalopahar

Sujay Kumar Gain

Category: travel
Date of Publication: Aug 8 , 2013

Team: Debraj Bhattachariya, Manas Chakrabarty, Raja Saha & Sujay Kumar Gain

Camera used: Canon PowerShot SX40 & Nikon D3200

Bhalopahar is a pleasant tourist spot formed for restoration of ecological system and is an approach to counter the effects depleting forest reserves of the area as well as propagation of folk culture and environmental education to tribal children. The society is headed by famous poet cum novelist Kamal Chakrabarty. It is located at Bundwan, Purulia District, surrounded by the Dalma Hill range. Various species of trees and birds can be found here which makes it an ideal weekend destination for travel wanderers as well as nature lovers.

Red Water Lilly
Pond Heron in between Red Water Lilly
The animal market of Taltala
Ipomoea Carnea (Dhol kalmi)
Butea monosperma (Palash Tree)
River Kangsabati (Kansai)
Bridge on Kansai
Childhood in Kansai
Blossoming Rainy season
Ladies colored finger
Not politically correct
The Guard
Red soiled road
Daily life
Dalma hill range
A look beyond faith
Purulia - on her own characteristics
An ant in our colorful macro
Politics - a rural victim
Who can catch their smile? Politics? Never…
A look behind Hunger
Countryman - Purulia
Childhood - a plough
A curious look
One by one
Sun between Sonajhuri
Red Plumeria (Champa)
Some faded drops of dew on colorful petal...
More faded drops of dew on colorful petal…
A mother’s solution
Universal mother is in safe hands on some other mothers
Cloudy Dalma
River Satghurung
We, the jungle viewers
A common steel of Purulia
The unique Indian Roller (Nilkantha)
Bronze-winged Jacana (Jalpipi)
Pond Heron
Poet Kamal Chakrabarty
Three Musketeers of Bhalopahar
Khub Bhalo Pahar - Awesome Bhalopahar
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