Winter 2019: Daniele and Thomas climbed beyond Camp-3 on Nanga Parbat

Dream Wanderlust | Jan 18 , 2019


1. A 7 members International (Kazakhstan-Russian-Kyrgyzstan) team, led by Vassiliy Pivtsov, aiming to summit K2 this winter via Abruzzi route, are looking to be divided into two groups today. Six members are now already at Advanced Base Camp. Vassiliy Pivtsov with a group, will ascent and set up Camp-1. Whereas, the other group will descend to Base Camp (4960m). Previously, they arrived at Base Camp of K2 on 14th January.

Update (5:30pm - Indian time): Vassiliy Pivtsov, Tursunali Aubakirov and Roman Abildaev climbed from ABC to Camp-1, today morning. Dmitry Muraviov, Mikhail Danichkin and Konstantin Shepelin descended to Base Camp for supplies. They will further move to ABC together with Artem Brown.

2. A 4 members Spanish-Galician team, led by Alex Txikon, aiming to summit K2 this winter, are now at K2 Base Camp. Alex Txikon arrived at Base Camp of K2 on 16th January.

K2 winter

Nanga Parbat

A 4 members team, led by Daniele Nardi, aiming to summit Nanga Parbat this winter via a new route on Mummery's Spur, reached 6200m on Mummery's Spur. Daniele and Thomas dumped their equipment there and descended to Camp-3 on 16th January. Other two members are already returned from Camp-3 to Base Camp.

Previously, on 8th January, four members (Daniele Nardi, Thomas Ballard, Rahmat Ullah Baig and Karim Hayat) of the team had set up Camp-2 (5200m) and on 9th January set up Camp-3 (5700m) just below Mummery's Spur. Thomas Ballard descended to Camp-2, while Rahmat Ullah Baig to the Base Camp (4200m). Rest of two members spent a night at Camp-3 on the same day.

On 15th January, they again climbed to higher camps and moved to Camp-3 and spent that night there.

Nanga Parbat winter


Italian alpinist Simone Moro together with Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, aiming to summit Manaslu this winter via normal route without supplemental oxygen in alpine style, are back to the Base Camp (4800m) of Manaslu yesterday from Camp-1 (5900m). They are looking forward to moving up to Camp-2 from tomorrow onwards.

Previously, they summited Mera Peak for acclimatization purposes on 5th January, 2019. On 14th January, they were flown up by a helicopter from Kathmandu to the Base Camp of Manaslu. On 16th January, after Puja at the Base Camp, they started climbing towards Camp-1 and had spent a night there.

manaslu winter

Photo Courtesy: K2 Winter 2019 team, Rahmat Ullah Baig and Simone Moro

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