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Dream Wanderlust | Mar 23 , 2017

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23rd March, 2017 | Day 35 | 1598 km - Update from Aalo (Along)

Into dense Arunachal forest and hill areas now. Population is very low here. You will hardly find a village in 20-25 kilometers. Road condition is horrible. But it's Himalaya. I am glad it's even there. Will update more if I get a better network.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

21st March, 2017 | Day 33 | 1493 km - Update from Pasighat

Reached Pasighat. Oldest city in Arunachal. From tomorrow I'm entering core himalayan region. It was an wonderful journey so far.

I could say the toughest route is starting from tomorrow. A few people has entered this route before. From Along to Ziro to Itanagar. Wish me Luck?

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

15th March, 2017 | Day 27 | 1214 km - Update from Jorhat

Today at Jorhat town. District town of Jorhat district. There is some security risk ahead so had a long conversation with the local police authorities. They extended their welcome and assured me that if any problem arises they will provide an escort van.

Crossed Dhansiri river yesterday. Road here is good so far. Will see Brahmaputra in two days. So a bit excited.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

9th March, 2017 | Day 21 | 973 km - Update from Lumding (Assam)

Yesterday I stayed at Maibang Police Station. Today at Lumding. Road is hilly but ok. Tomorrow heading for Diphu. Can't say the journey will be ok.

For some unknown reason political condition is not suitable. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Will update soon.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

8th March, 2017 | Day 20 | 888 km - Update from Maibong Police Station (Assam)

Dear SDPO arranged my stay here for today.

Four muddy roads in the four directions. No traffic signs, no one to ask. Waited 30 minutes before a pick-up driver came up and directed the right way. This is National Highway no. 54.

Remember the 'JATINGA's? The flock comes to Assam every year just to die. This is the place. The whole area is named after the them. Welcome to Jatinga.

Still no sign of another cyclist/traveller/tourist in the last eleven days. Your only friends are truck-drivers and chay-wallas. A long way ahead to fly solo.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

5th March, 2017 | Day 17 | 736 km - Update from Silchar

Due to the political condition in Manipur and Myanmar I am not being able to enter Manipur. Thus goes my Myanmar plan off the route.

I'm going straight to Nagaland (Dimapur) via Haflong and Lumding.

Attention Riders/Travellers:
Road condition is very bad after entering Assam from Tripura. Karimganj to Silchar road is severe and very dusty. Use scarf all the time.

It's not fog in the photo. Its dust.

Chandan Biswas

3rd March, 2017 | Day 15 | 684 km - Update from Karimganj, Assam

Only one day cycling/travelling in Tripura you will understand why it has the second highest literacy rate in India. Tripura can be a poster state for clean and green. Bengalis and Kockborok tribes live here simultaneously and peacefully. And they both are awesome.

Leaving Tripura, entering Assam for a brief period. Fun fact is I haven't seen another cyclist/traveller/tourist in the last four days. It's like roads are there only for me.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

27th February, 2017 | Update from Agartala

Life here at Agartala is very tranquil. Enjoyed a lot in this small but pleasing state capital.. Tomorrow I am leaving for Ambassa. Road will be hilly, so a bit concerned. I think the challenge is beginning.

I still miss Bangladesh, Bangladeshi foods and friends.

Photo was taken at Akhaura-Agartala Border. Security personnel at the checkpost tried to ride my cycle but after 10 meter he give up.

Chandan Biswas

21st February, 2017 | Update from Bangladesh

Barasat > Bangaon > Jessore > Khulna > Pirozpur > Barisal > Now at DHAKA (by ferry service from Barisal). Will stay here for 2-3 days. It's a very good thing that I spent 21st February 'International Mother Language Day' at Dhaka.

The main hurdle is front luggage. It's the first time I'm riding with them. Acclimatization is taking time. But I'm getting habituated sooner than I expected.

Roads are okay, people are very nice. Enjoying a lot.

Cheers! Good night.

Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas Chandan Biswas

16th February, 2017 | Before Start the journey

From tomorrow 17th February I am starting my 'Solo Trans-Himalaya and SAARC Countries Cycling Expedition' for 'Peace Movement & Cultural Exploration'. Total riding distance will be 8000 km (approx.). I will try to cover 5 countries - Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and India. I will try to cross 15 high passes. It will take almost 240 days to complete the journey.

My probable route is:
Kolkata > Bangladesh > Tripura > Manipur > Nagaland > Arunachal Pradesh > Assam > Bhutan > North Bengal > Nepal > Uttarakhand > Himachal Pradesh > Jammu & Kashmir

This is my live blog. I will try to update my location at least twice a week. You can count it as a logbook.

Stay fresh. Cheers!

Chandan Biswas
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