Still there is some hope remains alive: Search operation will resume tomorrow morning for Pemba Sherpa

Dream Wanderlust | July 14 , 2018

The Sherpas and ITBP team have finished their search operation as of today to find missing Sherpa climber from Darjeeling Pemba Sherpa on Saser Kangri on today in the afternoon. No trace was found by both the Sherpas and ITBP team yet. They will resume the same tomorrow morning, as reported by rescue team today evening.

Pemba Sherpa

ITBP team who was climbing a nearby peak Platue joined the search operation after a request from IMF today morning. Nearest Police Chowki and Nubra Police Station had jointly followed the events as well. At 17:00hrs Nubra Police Station reported to Dream wanderlust, "Glacier Search operation is in process. ITBP Jawans along with Sherpa team are trying their best to find the missing climber Pemba Sherpa who had fallen into the glacial crevasse on Saser Kangri. The search team went deep into the crevasse with the help of ropes and other equipments this afternoon; unfortunately the crevasse is so deep and dark that they couldn't locate any trace of the missing climber. We are keeping all tracks and leads of the search operation. We would report again when we get the radio signal." But unfortunately they found nothing till the end of the search operation. They are looking for tomorrow morning to restart the search operation again.

Pemba Sherpa (45) went missing after falling down into a crevasse on Saser Kangri since 13th July, 2018. He was climbing the peak Saser Kangri IV (7416m) with team of climbers led by Basanta Singha Roy from West Bengal and an another team from Pune, India. As per the report from Ashok Roy of MAK, Pemba was descending after a successful summit along with a climber from Bengal and another climber from Pune. During the course of descent he suddenly fell into a crevasse before reaching Camp-1 on 13th July, 2018. Other sherpas including his brother Pashang have tried to rescue him throughout the day but failed to trace him. Pemba stayed inside the crevasse. Climber Debraj Dutta of IMF who has been in that area for four times on different expeditions, points out the possible area where the missing Sherpa Pemba might be inside the crevasse. He said to Dream wanderlust today morning, "As I am informed, Pemba might fall into the crevasse somewhere between Camp-2 and Camp-1 (See image). There are plenty of hidden crevasses on that zone. The climber may not be able to gauge those hidden crevasses as the place is apparently safe. However, the place is quite accessible from the Base Camp. As per as the information available to me, ITBP, on request from IMF is now joining the rescue operation. I had a talk with the leader of the ITBP team who was on an expedition to Platue. The leader assured me personally that he would help the rescue team. Pemba's brother Pashang is also there on the same expedition. He too is trying his best to save his brother. Till now there is no trace."

Pemba Sherpa climbed many peaks including Everest, Kangchenjunga, Makalu and Manaslu.

Saser Kangri

Photo Courtesy: Pemba Sherpa Facebook and Debraj Dutta

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