Spring 2019: Notable Expeditions on 8 Thousanders

Dream Wanderlust | Apr 3 , 2019


1. Project: The Line
American climber Cory Richards (37) with Ecuadorean climber Esteban "Topo" Mena, aiming to summit Everest via a new route. They wanted to attempt a new line directly up from the Advanced Base Camp on the North Face.

2. Nepali Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa (49) who has the record of most number (22) of Everest summits by any individual made in last spring, aiming to summit Everest for 23rd time this year. In an interview to dw last year, he expressed his desire to go to Everest  6 more years.

3. Project: The Dream of Everest
Four Arab women, Joyce Azzam and Nelly Attar from Lebanon, Mona Shahab from Saudi Arabia and Nadhirah Alharthy from Oman with Elia Saikaly, aiming to Everest.

4. Project: 14/7 Project Possible
Nirmal Purja in his ambitious project, aiming to climb all 14 eight-thousanders in 7 months. He will start his project with Everest.

5. Project: Two Widow Expedition
Nima Doma Sherpa (36) and Furdiki Sherpa (42), aiming to summit Everest to finish the unfinished climb of their dead husband. In 2013, Furdiki Sherpa's husband died while fixing ropes on Everest. The next year an avalanche near the Base Camp of Everest, took the life of Nima Doma Sherpa's husband.

6. Amputee climber Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, Former US Marine Corps, who lost a leg due to a helicopter crashed in Afghanistan in 2012, aiming to summit Everest.



Muhammad Ali Sadpara (43), aiming to summit Makalu as a member of the rope fixing team of Seven Summit Treks.


Project: Black Yak Annapurna Expedition 2019
Polish Adam Bielecki (35) with German Felix Berg (38), aiming to summit Annapurna via new route on the NW Face.


South Korean mountaineer, Hong Sung Taek (53), aiming to climb Lhotse South Face again, for the 6th time. This time his team consists of 11 climbers according to Hong's website. Last time, in Autumn 2017, he managed to reach 8300m via this route.


Romanian alpinist Horia Colibasanu (42) with his country mate Marius Gane (51) and Slovak Peter Hámor (53), aiming to summit Dhaulagiri via a new route without supplemental oxygen and Sherpa support.

Photo Courtesy: Cory Richards (From Everest Expedition 2016)

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