Sherpas continue to put in efforts to find Boyan

Dream Wanderlust | May 14 , 2018

On 13th May the Sherpas had reached Camp-3 by afternoon but there was no trace of Boyan Petrov. The Sherpa team will leave for the summit of Shishapangma early in the morning at 2am on 14th from Camp-3. It would roughly take them 8-10 hours to reach the summit.

The sherpas had commenced their search and rescue operation on 13th and had reached Camp-3 in the afernoon but there was no trace of Boyan Petrov. The Sherpa team is planning to summit Shishapangma on 14th. The search operation will commence at 2am in the morning on 14th and it would take them 8-10 hours to reach the summit. Heli reacue is at standby at Kathamndu and ready to fly to Shishapangma if the Sherpas demand.


Simrik Air Helicopter had commenced search & rescue mission for Bulgarian National, Boyan Petrov on 11th May. Due to high wind pressure and poor weather conditions the Rescue team decided to stay the night at Nyalam which is around 11 nautical miles from the Shishapangma Base Camp.

Owing to improved weather conditions prevailing on 12th May, the rescue team resumed their search operation early in the morning. The first round of heli search yielded no positive outcome. Due to deteriorating weather conditions heli rescue came back to Kathmandu within an hour. Second round of heli rescue also failed to come up with any positive results.


Helis came back to Kathmandu and were on standby. Based on the search result outcome of the Sherpas further course of action would be decided. The sherpas had reached Camp-2. "Nothing was found in his tent. Helis came back to Kathmandu and sherpas reached Camp-2, located his tent but the tent was empty (Previously the Ukrainian and three Sherpas called it as Camp-3. But the rescue team reported it as Camp-2. The confusion may be resolved if we would get the altitude of those places). From this we can predict he went towards Camp-3. Sherpas are now moving towards Camp-3. Weather conditions are favourable for sherpas to move forward but not for the heli rescue operation to continue.", Mr. Yogesh reported on 12th May.

Boyan Petrov

Owing to low visibility and safety concerns the Sherpa team had called off the rescue operation on 12th May. They are staying near Camp-2 and resumed their rescue operation early in the morning. The rescue team comprises 6-10 Nepali and Chinese climbers.

Simrik Air deployed its helicopters on an immediate basis on a special request from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria. Simrik Air's two Helicopters - AS350 B3e of call signs 9N – ALP and 9N – AJZ along with 6 crew members and necessary equipment, flew from Kathmandu towards Shishapangma Base Camp on 11th May. The crew members comprise Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung (Pilot), Capt. Surendra Paudel (Pilot), Capt. Ananda Thapa (Pilot), Chhiring Dhenduk Bhote (Rescue Specialist), Mingma Sherpa (Rescue Specialist), Uttam Chaudhary (Technician).

Boyan went to the peak of Shishapangma on 29th April. On 3rd May, from the Base Camp, he was seen through the telescope at the level of Camp-3. On 5th May, a Ukrainian and three Sherpa climbers found Boyan's semi-open tent with his sleeping bag, full of snow in Camp-3. He certainly made an attempt to get to the top. Boyan has been missing for days now, somewhere along the slope of Shishapangma.

Photo Courtesy: Simrik Air and Boyan Petrov

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