"Let's continue dreaming" Alex says after calling off his Everest Winter Expedition

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 28 , 2018

Basque mountaineer Alex Txikon, who was on his Everest expedition with Muhammad Ali Sadpara without using supplemental oxygen this winter finally abandon the expedition today afternoon by posted on Facebook, "After thinking a lot and doing everything that is in our hands to follow our dreams, we decided to bring the expedition of winter Everest without artificial oxygen 2018 to an end. It hasn't been easy, but I'm sure that it is the best decision. The permit ends today 28th February, so taking into account the extra expenses that this will suppose and that the meteorologists do not predict good weather until March 14, almost at the end of winter, we have taken this hard decision. Therefore, feeling sad but at the same time proud of all the work everyone has done, equipping the whole mountain in extreme conditions, we left behind Everest Base Camp which has been our home the whole winter. I hope that with the experiences and adventures I've sharing with you day after day, it has been yours too. You will never stop surprising me. Let's continue dreaming."

Yesterday, early in the morning, Alex declared that they are going to abandon the expedition. The same was confirmed by the head of his support agency Mingma Sherpa. But later, in the afternoon he changed his decision and wished to continue to wait at the Base Camp for a favorable weather window. However, his teammate Muhammad Ali Sadpara had already returned to Kathmandu.

Timeline of the Expedition:

3rd Jan 2018 - Arrived at Base Camp (5300m)

12th Jan 2018 - Equipped up to Camp 1

16th Jan 2018 - Reached at Camp 2 (6500m) and returned to Base Camp

20th Jan 2018 - Summited Mt. Pumori (7161m) with Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Nuri and Temba Bhote as a part of their preparation for Everest

31st Jan 2018 - Reached Camp 3 (7100m) and equipped up to around 7900m

21st Feb 2018 - Went for summit push; reached Camp 2 (6500m)

23rd Feb 2018 - Reached Camp 3 (7100m)

24th Feb 2018 - Tried to reach Camp 4 from Camp 3 (7100m); retreat their approach due to strong winds and came down to Base Camp

27th Feb 2018 - Officially called off the expedition

Image Courtesy: Alex Txikon

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