Japanese climber reached the summit of Manaslu within six days!

Dream Wanderlust | Oct 10 , 2017

In general most climbers need a month to complete the process of acclimatisation before the final summit push, a Japanese woman climber Kyoko Iwata (41) reached the top of Mt Manaslu within six days! She scaled the mountain on September 28, 2017 at 6:10 am. She reached Nepal on September 20, Samagaon on September 22, Base Camp on September 23 and reached the top of Manaslu on September 28.

The expedition was organised by Glacier Himalaya Treks and Expedition. Da Dendi Sherpa, Managing Director of the organisation also summitted along with her. Kyoko reached Camp-I on September 25. Da Dendi said, "It was necessary to set up Camp-4 but my client set out for the summit push from Camp-3 itself on September 27th  evening at 8:00 pm and reached the manaslu summit early in the morning on 28th at 6:10am and reached the Base Camp on the same day."

"Her(Kyoko) dream is to climb Mt Everest the next time." he added.

Photo Courtesy: Da Dendi Sherpa

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