India asks Nepal to investigate Everest Tragedy 2016

Dream Wanderlust | Oct 31 , 2017

Persistent Pursuit Pays or Truth Triumphs.

Since Sept 2016 Dream Wanderlust has been relentlessly and exclusively unearthing new evidence, following all leads and raising uncomfortable but relevant questions in their effort to get to the bottom of the Everest tragedy of Spring 2016.

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The never-say-die attitude of Sunita Hazra, her family and the family of the late Goutam Ghosh has at last  borne fruit.

The Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India has taken due cognisance of their plea, and have officially asked The Indian Embassy, at Kathmandu Nepal, to look into the matter. We have official confirmation of the same.

The Office of The Indian Embassy has in turn officially requested The Foreign Office, Govt. of Nepal, to investigate all angles of the tragedy. Indian Embassy has taken this up with the highest offices in Nepal. An official from Embassy said, "we have already written to the Foreign Ministry about the tragedy to relook into the case. We will wait for their action because ultimately the Govt. of Nepal should take the necessary steps. We will keep an eye on the case and all the proceedings."

One sincerely hopes for a speedy and logical conclusion, for a closure is of paramount interest, and come it must, for truth must triumph.

Sunita Hazra, Goutam Ghosh

In the Pics: Goutam Ghosh (Left) and Sunita Hazra (Right)

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