Basanta happy with Govt. initiatives

Dream Wanderlust | Nov 3 , 2017

Senior mountaineer, and former advisor to the West Bengal Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Foundation, India Basanta Singha Roy has happily welcomed the 'official' probe, initiated by the Govt. of India in asking the Govt. of Nepal to investigate the 2016 Everest tragedy.

A few days back, the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, asked the Indian Embassy, at Kathmandu, Nepal to look into the matter. The Office of  The Indian Embassy has in turn officially requested The Foreign Office, Govt. of Nepal, to investigate all angles of the tragedy.
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Mr. Singha Roy was hopeful that all relevant facts will now be revealed, and anyone found guilty will not be spared. He also emphasized that earlier one should have given due credence to Sunita's summit claims and not to the speculative analysis and verdicts of those who were not there and did not face such situation, and her claims should now be sympathetically reconsidered. "Finally this should be the authentic report, should be accepted by all, and no one should be spared and Sunita's summit claims should be sympathetically reconsidered," he said.

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