5 climbers from Maharashtra with 3 Sherpas climbed Mt. Kun via North-East ridge

Dream Wanderlust, Giripremi | July 18 , 2017

On July 10, Pune based team Giripremi successfully scaled Mt Kun(7077m), the second highest peak in the Nun-Kun massif in Suru valley south of Kargil in J&K. The team comprised 8  people, Dr Sumit Mandale, Kiran Salastekar, Dinesh Kotkar, Yugank Kadam, their leader Everester Rupesh Khopade and support staff Mingma Sherpa, Dorchi Sherpa and Kame sherpa. The first ascent of the season was marked by their ascent of the peak at 9.30 am that day. The mentors of the team were Giripremi’s leader Umesh Zirpe and Giripremi’s senior mountaineer Avinash Foujdar.

The initial acclimatization program was carried out in Leh. Mr Sayed Abbas, the councilor of Kargil, Mr Sarang and Mr Sachin Gadgil helped the team to obtain the necessary clearances from the local authorities. They faced many challenges like knee deep fresh snow, crevasses enroute, extreme weather conditions like storm,rainfall and snowfall during the set up of Camp 1 (5400 m), camp 2 (6200m) and camp 3 (6400m).

Expedition summary:

29th June: The team reached the base camp (4600m).

8th July: The team attempted the summit but their effort was foiled due to unstable snow conditions on the steep section of the cornice ridge. The team abandoned the summit attempt at about 6500m.

9th July: The weather conditions had improved, the team started their second attempt at 11.30pm. They reached the north east ridge after climing a rocky section. The team had to make their way through snow and heavy chilled winds.

10th July: Reached the summit dome on 10th morning at 9.30 am. Huge peaks like Nanga Parbhat,K2, Gashrbrum 1,Gasherbrum 2 were clearly visible to them on the Western Horizon after reaching the summit.

Summit members:
Dr. Sumit Mandale, Kiran Salastekar, Dinesh Kotkar, Yugank Kadam,  Rupesh Khopade (leader) ,Mingma Sherpa, Dorchi Sherpa and Kame sherpa.

Route: Via North-East ridge

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