11 climbers reached summit of Lhotse today

Dream Wanderlust | May 15 , 2018

5 climbing members along with 6 Sherpas from 'Satori adventures and expeditions' summited worlds fourth peak Lhotse (8516m) at 12:00pm today. The climbing members are Caroline Jetté (Canada), Kuntal Joisher (India), Matsumoto Tatsuo (Japan), Sylvain St-Germain (Canada) and Breeze Sharma (India). The 15 members team was led by Canadian female climber Caroline Jetté.


Caroline Jetté in 2014 led a 5 members team on Manaslu. Kuntal Joisher and Sylvain St-Germain were a part of the team. All of them summited the peak. Kuntal Joisher and Breeze Sharma are two popular Indian climbers. Both of them had summited Everest previously. Kuntal Joisher in 2016 and Breeze Sharma in 2017. Breeze is the first Indian Navy defense civilian to summit Everest and also the first Indian athlete to complete Badwater 135 and Brazil 135 ultramarathons. Matsumoto Tatsuo, who is from Japan, is a 79 years old climber. He summited Cyo Oyu (in 2009), Everest (in 2011), Manaslu (in 2012) and Kangchenjunga (in 2014).

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