Tentu Valley Trek

Tapan Pandit

Category: trekking
Date of Publication: Sept 3 , 2013

It is said that in the early days the local villagers of Kullu, Chamba or Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh used a route to reach Barabangal through some high altitude passes in Dhauladha ridge. One of such passes is known as the Thamsa Pass (15,434ft), used by the local villagers to communicate with the NayaGaon or Barabangal. Solang Pass which is also known as Tentu Pass (4996m) is another option for the same but has a steep dangerous ascends from the Solang side. This pass is a divider of two sources of the river viz. Beas in Manali side and Irabati in Baranagal side. Now days it is rarely used by the trekkers to reach Barabangal because of the stiffness of the trail. TapanPandit with his team members Shiv Shankar Pal, KarunaPrashadMitra, UshaPandit and Anjan Das explored this unconventional trail in May, 2003.

Team Members: Tapan Pandit, Usha Pandit, Swapan Chakraborty, Shibshankar Pal, Karuna Prasad Mitra, Anjan Das (Doctor), Hardeo Singh (HAP), Rishi Thakur (HAP)

On the way of Barabangal
Ravi Barabangal
Gaddi Thatch
Hanuman Tibba
Along with Hanuman Tibba
Down from Hanuman Tibba glacier
Down from Honuman Tibba ice filled
Tentu Pass from Solan Valley
Towards Tentu Pass
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