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Date of Publication: Aug 19 , 2013

Pin-Parvati Pass (17,000 ft) trek is one of the most challenging trek routes in Himachal Pradesh. This holly route connects the lush green Parvati Valley to the barren land of Pin Valley in Spiti. We started from Varseni to reach the village Mudh in Kaza through Pin-Parvati Pass in June 2013. Unfortunately, in that period of time the route after Mantalai Lake was covered with heavy snow which stopped us to get the Parvati Base Camp. However, we explored the heavenly beauty of splash green Parvati Valley.

Ready to start
River Parvati
Lord Shivas temple at Manikaran
Village nearby Varseni
View from Varseni
Trek starts from Varseni
Confluence of two streams
Green valley beside Parvati river
Little friend
Colors on the trail
They are watching us
Pleasant flat trail
Macro shot
Green vegetation
Face to lens
Pulga village
 View from the trail
Village trail
On the edge
Beside the trail
Village boy watching the strangers
For a honey drop
Wheat plants
Mystic fibre
Village life
Waterfall at Rudranag
Rainbow on Parvati river
Lush green forest
Macro life
Resting for a moment
Trying out a creative shot
Crossing a wide stream
Pine wood
Kheerganga campsite
Pine fruit
Pleasant morning
Streams on the other side of the Parvati river
Light under the dark
Flowing majestically
Green meadow on the other side of the river
Crossing plenty of streams
In the soft light
The lovely trail view
Flat meadow in this side and a steep ridge on the other side
Snow bridge
A drop from the ice
Grazing ground
Beauty in the grass level
Walking on the long trail through a green meadow
Cloud on the ridge
Terrific mountain ridge
Coming down with frozen ice patch
River crossing
Through the macro lens
Campsite before Tundabhuj
Flowing under the cloud
Landscape left behind
Terrific landing
Towards Tundabhuj
Mountain view from the Tundabhuj campsite
Morning at Tundahuj
Mejectic peak near Tundabhuj
Coming down the Parvati river
Rhododendron forest
Parvati river
Treeline finished
Singing alone
Pink rhododendron bud
Like a star
Crossing the Parvati river with a broken log bridge
Traversing the meadow on the left side of the Parvati river
They are with us
Flowery carpet
Mountains nearby
Watching a stranger
Walking alone
Ice bridge
Coming down to the frozen river
Trekking photography
Pully bridge before Thakur kuan
Crossing the Parvati river with Pully Bridge
Kullu Eiger in the background
Mountain range at the Parvati valley
Under the flowing stream
Crossing carefully
Resting on the ground
View from Thakur kuan
Enjoying the magnificence
Shine under the cloud
Risky landslide zone
Towards Pandav Bridge
Crossing the Pandav Bridge
The second pandav bridge
On a risky step
Steep uphill after the Pandav bridge
Barren Ridge
Crossing streams
Enrute Thach
Odi Thach
Camping at Odi Thach
Ready to take shots
Evening at Odi Thach
Morning at Odi Thach
Mountain view from Odi Thach
Mountain view from Odi Thach
From the campsite
White background
Parvati valley
Crossing the glaciers
Mud art under the river
White mountains
Pearls at Parvati valley
Green algae under the water
River Parvati divided into many streams
Finding a Path to cross the stream
Glaciers, morain and Parvati river
Crossing the steep glaciers
Carrying extra load
Rushing down the Parvati river
Mantalai Lake
Traversing on the bank of Mantalai Lake
Skilful act
Morning at Mantalai Lake
Mountain peaks beside Mantalai
Mountain range
Landscape of Mantalai
Way to base camp, the point after which we could not move because of heavy snow.
Bird at Mantalai
Group photo
Coming down from Mantalai
Steep gradient again
Across the Mantalai
The place where Lord Shiva meditates
Walking on the snow
Breaking down to the River
Steep ice field
Mantalai and Parvai river
Bolder zone
Crossing several streams to get Thach
Before Odi Thach
Small Stream becomes river
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