Larsa We Expedition

Tapan Pandit

Category: trekking
Date of Publication: Sept 6 , 2013

In ancient age the kings of Tibet and Ladakh used to cross the several passes of the Srikhanda Ridge which stands as a wall separating the greenish Kinnaur valley and the rocky Spiti valley and reached the Kimpursa Khanda (the residence of kinnaur-kinnauries). This famous route was totally undiscovered to us. This incident accelerates Tapan Pandit to find the route which lost in the pages of the Puran. Thus he started his journey on 16th September 2005 with Usha Pandit and Pijush Garai to explore the Larsa We pass of the Himalaya.

Team Members: Tapan Pandit (Team Leader), Usha Pandit, Pijush Gorai, Hardeo Singh(HAP)

Way to Larsa We Pass
Larsa We Base
Larsa We Base
Jumo in Spiti Valley Himachal
Kibber Kaza
Kungri Monastery
Lord Buddha Kungri Monastery Pin Valley
Larsa We Pass
Larsa We Pass
Meditation cave inside Mud nanary
Mud nanary Pin valley
Sulti dhar Larsa We
Larsa We Pass
To Larsa We
Tokto village Asrang
Larsa We Pass
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