Khimloga Pass Expedition

Tapan Pandit

Category: trekking
Date of Publication: Aug 21 , 2013

The Khimloga Pass (5,712 m) is located at the famous Dhouladhar Ridge in between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. This route was used in old days for trading on silk route which connects Baspa Valley and Lewari in Uttarakhand. Tapan Pandit and his team explored this lost historical trade route in the year 2011.

Descent Pass
Khimloga Glacier(N) Way to Pass
Khimloga Glacier(N) Way to Pass
Khimloga main glacier from Baslawa thatch
Khimloga pass
Khimloga pass
Khimloga pass close up
Khimloga pass from nardu glacier
Khimloga pass from nardu khad
Khimloga pass in front
Khimloga pass
Lataral moran from lower thangal
Left lateral morain(N) glacier
North glacier
Snout of north glacier
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