Goecha-la - Trek Through Singalila Ridge

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Date of Publication: Oct 3 , 2012

Goecha-la is a popular trek for Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Sikkim. We did it through the unconventional trail, Singalila Ridge in the last week of May, 2012. The trek starts from Nambu and through Dhaphevir pass, Gomathang, Panding it joins the conventional Dzongri-Goechala trail. The Singalila Ridge is truly beautiful and full of adventure whereas the Goecha-la pass is the ultimate destination for the majestic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim and Mt, kabru group.

Mystic Yuksom
Blue garden
Red tentacle
Purple blush
Walking through wild
Nayapatal Camping ground
Keep ur balance dude
Natural Umbrella
Lookimg for paradise
mistic ambeance
Distinct sheltre
First glimpse of rhododrendon
A detailed view
Yellow rhododendron
pink rhododrendon
Lampokhri in her shy mood
Icy extreme terrain
Icy monster
Even strong has to struggle
Not ready to give up so easily
Approaching Dhanpebir pass
Difficulty in tracing trail
All set for next hurdle
Dhanpebhir pass cross
Extreme beauty of pass
Mediator to bridge the gap between groups
Together we achived
Green scape
Vally of Rhododendron
Grazing ground
Deep inside forest
Colour to Black and white
Purple belt
Fresh and beautiful
Just before Gomathang
Gomathang river bed
Magnificient camping ground
Fresh yellow
Bold dews
Usual obstracle
Walking on the edge
Be cautious
Walking through flowers
Nice feeling
Amazing realization
In our dreams
Red Rhododendron
Hand shaking with mount Kabru
Fading away
On Kabrus Lap
Punding Camping Ground
Vegetation Vanished
Natural shades from rain
Greeen frame
Glamarous Pink
Towards Bakhim
Lost on the echo
Alone but not lonely
Natures communalism
Rare Rhododendron
Vibrent natural colours
Canvas of Pandim
Gomathang Camp Setup
Right wing of Kanchenjungha
A retro look
Beautiful Orchid
Macro Element
Translucest Effect
Black and white
Mount Tenjin khang
1000 K Gold
Golden transfornation
Kabru peak
Kanchenjungha view
Kabru dome
Kabru range
Kanchenjungha view
Pandims shadow on Tenjin khang
Tenjin khang
So close to Eternity
Kanchenjungha bird view
Samity Lake
Every dark side as a bright side as well
Samity Lake
Spellbound spectators
Masmerizing beauty
Hide and seek
Savage terrain
An emerging beauty
Damm so hard to catch up with u guys
Aaha almost got u...
Yaaahooo follow me loosers...
Beauty stings
Some tentacles are beautiful
Stop staring at me!!!!
Blood bath at Phedang
Grief of leaving
Wounded by nature
Last resort
Moral Of The Story
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