Across Lamea Glacier 2014

Tapan Pandit

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Date of Publication: Aug 7 , 2015

An exploratory trek to the Lamea/Lamia glacier in Himachal Pradesh was organised by Amtala Anneshawan club in June 2014. A four member team under the leadership of Tapan Pandit from Amtala, West Bengal explored the Lamea/Lamia (5200m) glacier area and had crossed a pass called Singha Ghati (5090m) to enter the Shaeoni/Shaoni glacier area. The river Shaeoni/Shaoni nala flows down the south ridge which is located opposite of the village Rakcham at the Baspa Valley in Himachal Pradesh. There are three passes Lamea/Lamia (5200m), Chhotae (5050m) and Singha Ghati (5090m) located near the source point of this river. In early years, the local people used to use Chhotae Pass to enter the Supin valley. However, there is not much information about this area available in the literature. Tapan Pandit and his team used the Singha Ghati which was looked easier than other two passes to descend down to the Shaeoni/Shaoni glacier to enter the village Rakcham. The trek started from a point located 20 km away from Sankri village and after crossing Singha Ghati pass, it ended at the village Rakcham. Tapan Pandit would love to see any team to cross the other two passes, which he couldn't do that time.

Passes: Lamea/Lamia (5200m), Chhotae (5050m) and Singha Ghati (5090m)
Nearest known villages: Rakcham (Himachal Pradesh) and Sankri (Uttarakhand)
Team: Tapan Pandit, Usha Pandit, Sushovan Roy and Indranath Daw
Photography: Tapan Pandit

Lamea/Lamia Glacier Map
Before starting the trek at Amtala
Near Jakhol bus stand
Trek starts
Crossing bolder zone
Crossing the river Supin
Iron bridge over the river Supin
River Deokiri
Walking through the pleasant forest
Usha Pandit with local villagers
Steep uphill before Lewari Village
Village trail
Local Kids at the Lewari village
Temple of Lord Someshwar at Lewari
Pashmina extraction
Kids in playing mood at Lewari
Villagers cooking in a festival
Trek starts from Lewari
Walking through the forest
Taking a short break
Crossing the bolder zone
Camp at Surmola Thatch (3460 mt.)
Trek through Pine Jungle
Approaching Dabri Thatch
Camp at Biskhopri (3600 mt.)
Rainy morning at Biskhopri
Walking in the rain to Baslaoa Thatch
Temporary shelter
First glance of the river Lamea/Lamia
Camp at Nisani Thatch (4000 mt.)
Sunny morning at Nisani Thatch
Nisani Thatch
Crossing through the frozen river Lamea/Lamia
Khimloga Glacier and Thandan Thatch
Moving along the right side of the frozen river Lamea/Lamia
Taking rest on the ridge
Reached at the ice field
Looking back
Load ferry by porters through the Patangini ridge
Moving ahead
Trying to find a way from the map
Taking dry lunch
Moving through the Lamea/Lamia Glacier
Starting exploration of Lamea/Lamia and Chhotae pass
Stiff down on the other side as seen from Lamea/Lamia Pass (5200 mt.)
View of the left side from Lamea/Lamia Pass
Chhotae Pass (5050 mt.)
Back to camp Lamea/Lamia Glacier
View of Lamea/Lamia (right most), Chhotae (middle) & Singha (left most) from Lamea/Lamia Glacier
Move towards Singha Pass
View of three passes
Another ridge to cross
Looking back
Approaching the Singha Ghati Towards the right direction
Ice pond seen on the way
Singha top seen in front
The ice pond from singha top
Chhotae and Lamea/Lamia Pass from Singha top
The Cairn on the Singha top
The singha top (5090 mt.)
Team on Singha top
Shaeoni/Shaoni Glacier from Singha top
Lamea/Lamia glacier from Singha top
Rope fixing
Descending from the pass
Camp on Shaeoni/Shaoni Glacier (Haribaj ki thunda)
Team at Shaeoni/Shaoni Glacier
Singha ghati from Haribaj ki thunda
Towards Ratle Thatch
Ratle Thatch
Down the glacier
Village trail found
Road towards Rakcham
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