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Obviously an avoidable tragedy

Rudra Prasad Halder | Feb 5 , 2017

Obviously an avoidable tragedy. Many things remained mystery till I read the report fully. Somethings are still unknown though.
What Leslie John Binns did, only a true hero can do. Hats off to him.
Deathzone is something everyone could get confused easily. Ones who have been there could understand. I still remember how, to find Sunitadi and Goutamda, we shouted in vain again and again on 22nd morning. By that time many groups started going down. We hoped they went ahead. But only after climbing down the Lhotse face when we reached camp 2, I heard about them for the first time in 51 hours. I heard about the disaster that took place.

Sunitadi redefined the word ‘survival' . Salute to the never give up attitude of Sunitadi.

Speechless about the sherpas or their agency. Moreover death of our beloved Goutamda, Pareshda and Subhash could be avoided if the agency was organised from first.

Goutamda and Pareshda’s family is trying restlessly to bring back their body. They are facing problems with insurance . It's not possible for a family to continue rescue operations without government support.

We will extend our help to them within our capacity. Officials of "Sonarpur AROHI" will be requesting YSD and WBMASF in writing shortly.

It's unfortunate to see lot of negativity and personal attacks by people who may not have even read the full article.

Thanks to Dream wanderlust ... A great effort to throw some light on what exactly happened on that night."

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