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Rupak Bhattacharya | Apr 24 , 2017

My friends who are active on the social media assure me that my last "visitors post" has had a large viewership, has been "liked" and most importantly has not drawn any adverse reaction.

This emboldens me to presume that the readers feel as strongly as I do and that a sincere effort must be made to search and recover the remains of Gautam and Paresh.

It is reassuring to learn from the media that Gautam's family and friends have spared no pains, despite their agonisingly painful mental and financial status, and have gone into an "official contract" with a team of Sherpas to do the job.

It is also a very wecome news that this team of Sherpas have reached Base Camp, and are waiting for the route to be "opened".

The "weather window" usually opens up during the second and third week of May, and the Sherpas need to be there ready and acclimatised, to avail of that limited opportunity, to do their job safely, since the logistics of summitting Everest and those of a search and recovery operation,  from or above South Col, remain identical.

One cannot but appreciate the determined effort and good timing shown by Gautam's family, specially when official and/or unofficial help has been, till date, conspicuous by its absence.

Let us all pray that the Sherpas have a good long weather window, and also ensure that they are able to carry out their job safely, without any "let or hindrance" from other teams who want a share of the "praise"  or "profits".

We who can neither go to Everest nor to Kathmandu, can at the very least show our solidarity with the cause, and the family and friends of Gautam and Paresh, and ensure that no speed-breakers or road-blocks are put in their path.

YES, even if  it is for the last time, LET US BRING THEM HOME.

Goutam Ghosh, Paresh Nath

In the Pics: Goutam Ghosh (Left) and Paresh Nath (Right)

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