The first Indian athlete to complete Badwater 135 and Brazil 135 ultramarathons

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 6 , 2018

Brij Mohan Sharma popularly known as Breeze Sharma, has again made India proud by completing the world's toughest ultramarathon, Brazil 135 in 35 hours and 40 minutes. With this achievement, he became the only athlete in the world to summit Mt. Everest and complete world's toughest ultramarathon Badwater 135 alongwith Brazil 135.

Brazil 135 ultramarathon held on 1st February in the Serra da mantequeira mountains in the state of Minas Gerais, is considered to be the most difficult foot race in Brazil. With 60 hours limit, the 135-mile race is run on the hardest segment of the Caminho da F (Path of Faith), the most difficult Brazilian pilgrimage path. The course boasts of 30,000 feet of cumulative ascent and 28,000 feet of cumulative decent. With only ten flat miles in the race, by the finish line the runner would have completed a course that is analogous to climbing up and down Mt. Everest by the time he reaches the finish line. The competitors need to supply their own support crew. Completion of the race in 48 hours earns you the coveted "Buckle", an ultramarathon runner's most prized possession of the race and something that gives them bragging rights.

Breeze Sharma

Breeze has boastfully completed the gruesomely tough race in only 35 hours, 40 minutes, becoming the first Indian to do so. He is famous as the ultra-runner, who came into the limelight after completing the worlds's toughest foot race, Badwater Ultramarathon which is a 135-mile (217 km) race in United States. With this achievement, he became only the second Indian and the fastest Indian to complete the race in 40 hours, 47 minutes. This is the toughest race, as its course goes through the toughest terrain along with drastic temperature changes. The race starts at 85m below sea level in the Badwater Basin, in California's Death Valley, and ends at an elevation of 8360 feet at Whitney Portal. The temperature remains at plus 40 degrees at midnight and 50 degrees during the day. "When the temperature used to be plus 40 degrees, negative thoughts would arise. But a jackal family crossed my way in the midnight. I said to myself, there are living things around, I am not the only one here. If they can survive here, I just have to pass from here," says Breeze Sharma.

On 20th May 2017, Breeze stood on the top of the world's highest peak, the Everest, becoming the First Defence Civilian in the country to summit Everest. This was his second attempt after being caught in an avalanche due to Nepal earthquake in the first attempt, in 2015. He was fortunate enough to survive after being trapped under the snow. Not only this, being from Armed forces, he later participated in the rescue operations. In recognition for his brave help Nepal government extended his royalty for 2 more years. "I am thankful to the Nepal government. Now I have 2 more summit attempts to the Everest. Everest was my dream for the last 15 years. I was financially drained after 2015, then I was invited for Badwater. Badwater required less financial management so I opted it over second Everest attempt. That was certainly the best decision," cheered Breeze.

Breeze Sharma

Being the Running Brand Ambassador of Shirdi's first ever Sai International Marathon, Breeze ran from Siddhivinayak temple in Worli to Shirdi, covering a total of 251 km in merely 48 hours, held on 23rd Dec, 2017. "I wanted something challenging for the promotional run. I am not a 30-40 km runner. I added this thrill of running 251 km at a stretch in 48 hours. This gives me a push to try harder. You can consider this as a practice run for my upcoming ultra-marathon," says Breeze Sharma.

Born on 1st January 1974, in Jaipur Rajasthan, Breeze came to Mumbai when he was 15 years. He did his Masters in Arts and completed Engineering from the Indian Navy. Since then he got associated with them. He also was in charge of the Indian Navy's adventure cell for more than 15 years. Through this he has conducted enormous number of camps in Himalayas and Western Ghats. Breeze has explored all the jungles of India. He enjoys being surrounded by nature and mountains. He has done over 20 expeditions to peaks above 12000 feet. In 2013 he received the honour to become the first Indian to summit Mt. Kangyatse(21184 ft). "I am a mountaineer first; ultra-runner is just an outcome of it. It is only through mountaineering that I get this strength to tolerate extreme terrain," accepts Breeze.

Breeze Sharma

Breeze started running from Vasai-Virar full marathon, which he completed in 5 hours, 38 minutes. "I was drained out towards the end, this was my first long run. It was only because of my endurance that I could complete the race. This race was a moment of self-realisation. I got a mode to challenge my strengths and win over it," remembers Breeze. In 2013 in ran his first ultra-marathon, 80km Bhatti Lakes ultra, since then he is just making a never-ending list of records.

"Running is like meditation for me. It gives me happiness and satisfaction. Running is a sport which requires minimum equipment. A naive person can start running, there is no technique for it. I run for 8 hours a day. I run whenever I get time, even at midnight. One has to manage time to achieve something in life. It requires dedication and lots of efforts. If you give 100 percent, results will definitely be in your hands," says Breeze. He plans to summit Manaslu (8163 m), the eighth highest peak in the world, in September 2018, lined up after some more ultramarathons.

Breeze Sharma

Being a snake expert he has been active in many rescue operations for them. Staying in his colony close to the Yeoor hills it's not unusual for the creepy crawly visitors like cobras, vipers etc to slither into the homes of few residents. Very often he gets a call and Breeze makes it a point to locate and rescue the snake at the earliest with subsequent relocation in the wild for the snake.

On being asked about his popularity as ultra-runner he says, "This is not popularity for me. Being popular means you get recognized by the administration and get some sponsorship. People congratulate me and get inspired, I am happy I am doing that. This social media network means nothing to me. I run for self-satisfaction to prove and test myself, not for records. Records are just by product of my hard work."

Here is the list of his achievements:

  1. First Indian athelete in the world to summit Mt. Everest and complete world's 2 toughest ultramarathons Badwater and Brazil135.
  2. Second athlete in the world to run the toughest ultra-marathon on the planet i.e Badwater 135 miles and to summit Mt Everest.
  3. First Defence Civilian in all three Armed Forces of the country to summit Mt Everest, also Second summitter of Mt Everest after 52 years.
  4. Second and the Fastest Indian to finish World's Toughest Ultra Marathon Badwater 135 miles in July 16 in 40hrs 47 mins.
  5. Broke his own Asian record for running on treadmill for 24 Hours, clocking a distance of 202.5 kms in the process. This event was organised by Jaipur Marathon, January 2017. This achievement has been recognised by the Limca Book India of Records.
  6. Limca book of India record for running 335 km, at an altitude of above 12000 feet, in July 2014, at the Globeracers Himalayan Crossing race. It was a multistage race, crossed Kunjum Pass at 14450 feet and finishing at Rohtang Pass 13050 feet, finished the race in cumulative time of 55hrs and 45 mins.
  7. Winner of Run of Kutch, a 100-mile race in Feb 2015, finished in 28 hours, 55 minutes.
  8. Winner of Western ghat, a 100-mile race in Dec 2015, finished in 27 hours and 20 minutes.
  9. Winner of Run the Rann, a 100 mile in Feb 2016, finished in 33 hours and 28 minutes.
  10. First runner up in Run of Kutch, a 100 Mile in Mar 2014, completed in 35 hours and 56 minutes.
  11. Finisher of Craze Ultra Marathon 100mile (Singapore) in 31hr 55mins, in Sept 2016
  12. Finisher of Mt Gaoligong Ultra Marathon 100 mile(China), with 29000ft up and 26000ft down elevation in 35hr56 mins, in Nov 2016.
  13. Second Runner up in Western Ghat Ultra Marathon (Pune) in Dec 2016.
  14. Finisher of Run the Rann 100mile in Feb 17 in 31hr 35 mins.
  15. Second runner up in Bangalore Ultra where he clocked 162 kms in 24 hours, in November 2014.
  16. 36 hrs stadium run Bengluru clocking 204.8km in Aug 2016.
  17. 48 hr Stadium Run in Bengluru clocking 162km on 30July 2017
  18. Khardungla Ultra, worlds second highest ultra in Sept 2014, completed in 12 hrs 51 mins.
  19. He has climbed Mt Nandakot (20100 ft) in 1997, Mt Bhanoti (19300ft) 2001, Mt Thajiwas (18100 ft) 2003, Mt Friendship (18400 ft) in 2004, Mt Sitidhar (17600ft) in 2005, Mt Chamser Kangri (22000ft) in 2006, Mt Laungser Kangri (22200 ft) in 2007, Mt Deotibba (19900 ft) in 2009, Mt Boljuri (19500 ft) in 2010, Mt Priyadarshani (16100 ft) in 2011, Mt Shoulder (20200ft) in 2012, Mt Kangtatse (21184 ft) in 2013.

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