Pune climber Subhash Takale dies on Mt. Nun

Dream Wanderlust | Aug 3 , 2017

Subhash Takale, Climber from Pune was killed on Mt. Nun (Ladakh, Indian Himalayas) on 30 July, 2017.
He started suffering from altitude sickness at an altitude of 7000m during his summit attempt. His teammate Nitin Pande spent more than a full day taking care of him at Camp-3 (6500m) before being heli-rescued to Kargil.
Later reamins of Subhash was rescued from Camp-3 by Sherpas and the chopper from armed forces on 3rd August.

Jitendra Gaware (Pune), Nitin Pande (New Delhi), Gulzar Ahmed (Jammu and Kashmir) from his team reached the summit (7,135m) on 28 July with four Sherpas.


19 July ABC- Team Starts final summit push
28 July morning above C3 (7000m) - Subhash Takale had started feeling exhausted. He stayed there alone and other climbers kept ascending to reach summit.
28 July 13:40 summit (7135m) - Jitendra, Nitin, Gulzar with four sherpas reached the summit.
28 July 14:25 above C3 (7000m) - On their way back, they found Takale sitting at the same place; brought him to C-3.
29 July 6:00 C-3 (6500m)- Only Nitin stayed with Takale at C-3, others left for BC to ask for help.
30 July 8:45 C-3 (6500m) - Nitin Pande found Takale dead. He was suffering from Hypoxia.
31 July morning C-3 (6500m) - Nitin was airlifted from C-3; brought back to Kargil.
31 July Indian Air Force, Army Sherpas from 'White Magic', climbers from 'Giripremi' joined the rescue operation for Takale.
02 July -Heli-rescue delayed because of bad weather.
03 July - After several failed attempts by heli, finally chopper dropped some climbers at higher camps in the early morning.
03 Aug 11:00 - 2 Sherpas brought the body of Takale to C-1
03 Aug 12:10 - Chopper recovers the body from C-1 and brought to Kargil.

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