Nepal opts for deafening silence

Dream Wanderlust | Jan 12 , 2018

Almost three months have passed and there is still no reply from the Govt. of Nepal in spite of two reminders given by the Indian Embassy at Kathmandu asking about the progress of the investigation.

In October 2017, Ministry of External affairs, India had requested Govt. of Nepal to investigate the tragedy which claimed three Indian climbers, Paresh Nath, Goutam Ghosh and Subhash Paul on Everest during May 2016.

Repeated pleas to the Govt. of Nepal  have fallen on deaf ears. An Indian Embassy official at Kathmandu said, “We have already sent two formal reminders to the highest level of the Ministries but we did not receive any response from them. We will meet the ministry officials in person soon and will look into the matter.”

Last year aggrieved families of the lone survivor Sunita Hazra and Late Goutam Ghosh requested  the Govt. of India for a detailed investigation of the tragedy. The Govt of Nepal had officially accepted the request from the External Affairs Ministry of Govt. of India way back in October 2016.

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