Kammerlander wishes to return to Manaslu again

Dream Wanderlust | Nov 18 , 2017

Italian mountaineer Hans Kammerlander(60) wishes to return to Manaslu to climb. "...may be I can come back again," he said from Kathmandu yesterday. Kammerlander and his partner Stephan Keck (44) abandoned the expedition earlier this week due to huge snow deposition on the route. He also stated that he would like to be a part of an expedition on Shivling in Indian Himalayas. "I would like to come back one more  time to cover for Shivling," he added. Watch his reaction after the expedition here.

The veteran climber along with Stephan Keck returned to his ill-fated mountain Manaslu (where he had lost his two close friends, Friedl Mutschlechner and Karl Großrubatscher in 1991) on October without supplemental oxygen. The death of his friends forced him to take the decision to not return to "The Mountain". But after so many years he changed his mind and came here to finish his unfinished journey by summitting Manaslu. But the huge snow deposition at higher camps forced them to cancel the expedition from Camp-3.

Photo & Video Courtesy: Rajendra B Lama

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