Italian mountaineer Riccardo Bergamini summitted Manaslu without Oxygen

Dream Wanderlust | Oct 7 , 2017

An Italian mountaineer from Lucca, Riccardo Bergamini (41), reached the summit of Mt. Manaslu (8163m) on September 27 at around 8:15 am without supplementary oxygen. Bergamini had already tried to climb the Manaslu in 2014 but failed due to some issues with the Sherpa and agency.

The Lucca based mountaineer said "I reached the Base Camp (4760m) in the afternoon on September 12 and reached the top on September 27th. I left Base Camp for summit on 23 September and returned to Base Camp on 28 September."

"It was very hard to realize my new dream, my second eighth without the use of oxygen cylinders. To climb the last 800 meters, I took almost eight hours to climb the last 800 metres, sharing the final two hours with a sherpa. Impressive times thinking of our Alps! In the mild climate, wind absent! During the nocturnal climb, I suffered a lot of cold, especially in my nose and right hand, so that the front was removed and I had to remove the "moffolon" glove to turn it on again. And in the meantime I could hear a dog barking ... real hallucinations !!! With regard to the way downhill from the summit to C2 it seemed "infinite" enough, given the great thirst that I experienced, but for the thoughts of satisfaction at having achieved my goal." the 41 year old mountaineer added.

Photo Courtesy: Riccardo Bergamini

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