Indian Ice skater heads for Asian Winter Games in Japan

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 19 , 2017

India’s champion ice skater Vishwaraj Jadeja is all set to travel to Sapporo, Japan to represent the country in the Asian Winter Games in long-distance speed skating events in February 16 to 27. He is the current national record holder and among a hand full of Indians who will represent the country in the long-distance speed skating events. These are 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m, 10000m and the Mass Start (smaller version of the Marathon, which is also the favorite event).

Vishwaraj is from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, ironically known more for its sweltering heat conditions than winter. Vishwaraj has been roller-skating since he was 4 years of age. He won his first state skating championship in 1999. Vishwaraj entered the Dutch land back in 2012 trying to find the right coach, training arena place and team). Since pronouncing his name was a challenge, Vishwaraj had become ‘Vish’. He was taken in by Wim Nieuwenhuizen. His biggest support has been Coach Wim Nieuwenhuizen, who has coached Olympic Gold medalists and World Champions.

Vishwaraj has undergone rigorous winter training in hilly areas, weight training, and skating on Ice to up his game for the upcoming challenge. He underwent a lot of trouble collecting funds for his training. His aim is to emerge victorious in the upcoming Asian Winter Games and then qualify for the Winter Olympics in 2018.

Vishwaraj Jadeja is the reigning National Record Holder on 3000m (4:19:39), 5000m (7:27:61) and 10000m (15:13:14). He has been finishing on the podium for marathons over the years and also breaking Indian national records over various distances over 60 times.

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