Four student climbers from India reached the summit of Everest from North Side

Dream Wanderlust | May 16 , 2017

A team from Transcend Adventures (India) has successfully reached the climbed Mt. Everest (8848 m) on Tuesday. It is the 3rd team of Transcend Adventures to have successfully reached the top of highest paek in the world. The team comprises four Indian climbers and six sherpas. They summited at around 6:50 AM (Beijing Time) from the North side of the mountain.

Dharma Teja (Andhra Pradesh)
Chenna Rao (Andhra Pradesh)
Eswariah (Andhra Pradesh)
Sagar (Andhra Pradesh)

Phurita Sherpa
Ngima Tashi Sherpa
Lakpa Tenzing
Ngima Tenji Sherpa
Kami Chhiri
Ang Tendi

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