Dream Wanderlust | Jan 26 , 2018

"I came to Nepal. I never planned to stay.
 I just never left"
, Elizabeth Hawley.

The iconic landmark of Kathmandu for nearly fifty years, the unique, enigmatic, universally admired and respected, often loved, more often feared, "the one person who knew all about the History of Himalayan Mountaineering", the "Keeper of the Mountains", the meticulous chronicler who mothered the unique Himalayan Database, passed away today.

She was ninty four, and breathed her last at around 0300 hours on 26th January 2018. She was being treated for Pneumonia at the CIWEC Hospital in Kathmandu.

The Himalayan - Mountaineering World mourns the passing of one of their very own.

Photo Courtesy: bernadettemcdonald.ca

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