Efforts to recover the Remains of Goutam Ghosh have been initiated today

Dream Wanderlust | Apr 13 , 2017

A Sherpa team lead by Phurba Sherpa is now on their way to Everest Base Camp to recover the remains of Goutam Ghosh who had been missing on Everest since 22nd May 2016.

The initiative has been taken by the Goutam Ghosh's family. Debasish Ghosh (Brother of Goutam Ghosh) has confirmed maximum effort and cooperation from his family in searching Goutam's remains by sending high-altitude- Sherpas and then bringing the same back to kolkata. The Nepal Govt. has already given permission to start the recovery operation.

In Pic: Gautam Ghosh (21 May 2016, 14:50)

As per the claims made by the climbers (last year), who have seen Goutam on the southeast ridge leading to the summit, it is said that Gautam's remains is located somewhere on the triangular face below the Balcony.

On the other hand remains of Paresh, who had been rescued to Camp-4, south col by a group of climbers from NCC team 2016 , stayed somewhere at camp-4. (read the full story of last year's tragedy: https://goo.gl/Cu5Ffw)

A rescue team sent by YSD, WB last year, who brought the remains of Subhash Pal successfully from above Camp-3 claimed that they have seen the remains of Paresh Nath at Camp-4 inside a tent. However, they (the rescue team) could not bring Paresh back.

Earlier this month a member from YSD told that they have taken initiative to bring the remains of Paresh and Goutam from Everest. There has been no official confirmation to start the operation by the department yet.
However Goautam's family would appreciate any cooperation from YSD, WB in this regard.

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