Canadian Climber Serge Dessureault dies on the Savage Mountain K2

Dream Wanderlust | July 7 , 2018

A Canadian climber, Serge Dessureault has fallen to death while attempting the treacherous K2 (8611m) on 7th July 2018. The 53-year-old was between camps 2 and 3 when the accident happened. His death was confirmed by Sakhawat Hussain of Summit Karakoram, the tour company that organised his trip. "He fell down from an altitude of around 6300 metres and his body has been located and brought down to advanced Base Camp today. It is upto his family members if they want to bring his body to Islamabad. As of now his team members are staying with his dead body at Base Camp," says Mr. Sekhawat to Dream Wanderlust.

Dessureault was leading the nine-member "K2-Broad Peak" expedition up the mountain, which is extremely steep and attracts notoriously bad weather.

In 2007 he climbed the highest peak on earth, Everest (8848m).

Serge Dessureault

Photo Courtesy: Serge Dessureault Facebook

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