Bengali cyclist travels the world on wheels to promote cancer awareness

Dream Wanderlust | Jan 2 , 2017

Anirban Acharya, an avid cyclist and explorer from Kolkata will embark on a journey encompassing 100 countries on a bicycle. This project has been titled “World on Wheels” and the mission of the project  is to spread the message of “Cancer Awareness and Better Living”.

Being an avid cyclist, he has already cycled across the Indian subcontinent (25 states & 4 union territories) and Bangladesh for spreading cancer awareness. Mr. Acharya started pedaling since his school days and travelled throughout Bengal on his bicycle. “Learn how to make simpler life, don’t worry how much money you have if the path is beautiful, confirm where it leads but if the destination is beautiful, don’t bother how the path is - just move on. This has been my motivation to travel more and more", says Mr. Acharya, the self-professed nature lover and a wanderlust by heart.

Anirban Acharya

Anirban Acharya

This love for nature coupled with an undying thirst for exploring the diverse culture and religions of places, has carried him to varied parts of the India since childhood. “India is really a place of pomp and grandeur. This is common among all the inhabitants of India - irrespective of any culture and religion,” Mr. Acharya feels.

He has taken a fond liking for bicycle as bicycling is considered to be one of the most effective low-impact exercises that also allow a person to be close to nature. “It has been observed that with increasing level of pollution, cycling could be the most viable alternative for commuting within a city and also saves on gas consumption. It has been proven beyond doubt that bicycling is the mode of transport of the future", is what Mr. Acharya has to say on being asked about the cause behind opting for bicycle as his most preferred mode of commutation.

He has divided the world tour into different phases and his first phase of world tour will start in January, 2017. He will travel across South East Asian countries viz. Myanmar, Thailand, Leos, Vietnam Malaysia Singapore Indonesia etc., and followed by North Asian countries.

“My adventure journey is forever,” is the sole theory he swears by.

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