Autumn 2018: More upcoming summits on Manaslu; Ski Challenge on Annapurna, Dhaulagiri & Lhotse

Dream Wanderlust | Sept 27 , 2018


1. 79-year-old Spanish climber Carlos Soria, who is aiming to summit Dhaulagiri again with Spaniard Luis M L Soriano, decided to go for acclimatization climbing between Camp-1 and Camp-2, on 25th September. He attempted the peak in the last spring but abandoned the expedition due to bad weather. This time Soria is supported by Seven Summits Treks. One of the Sherpas, Dawa Geljen Sherpa, from this agency accidentally killed by avalanche while fixing rope.

2. German climber Herbert Dietheim and Russian Sergey Baranov, are aiming to full Ski descent from the summit of Dhaulagiri this Autumn, as reported. There is no update about this expedition though.

3. Kobler & Partner team reported that they would go up to the mountain from Base Camp on 24th September. Previously they have done their acclimatization rotation up to Camp-2.


1. American climbers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison, who are on their quest to Ski down from the summit of Lhotse, moved towards Camp-2 on 21st September.


1. Six climbers reached the summit of Manaslu on 25th September. According to Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks, A Sherpa team of four climbers along with two foreigners reached the summit of Manaslu yesterday afternoon. They have opened up the route to the summit. Thus over 200 climbers are now on their summit bid on Manaslu. "Gyaljen Sherpa, Mingma Tenjing Sherpa, Tenjing Chhombi Sherpa and Temba Bhote with Brazilian climber Moeses Fiamoncini and Spanish climber Sergi Mingote scaled Mt. Manaslu this afternoon after fixing up the route," Dawa told DW over phone on 25th September. Sergi Mingote, who had the double eight-thousanders (Broad Peak and K2) summit last Summer without supplemental oxygen, again aiming to attempt double eight-thousanders (Manaslu and Dhaulagiri) without supplemental oxygen this Autumn season.

Sergi Mingote

2. Polish Manaslu expedition led by RafaƂ Fronia, reported on 23rd September that they planned to reach Camp-3 on 24th September. Previously they have done their acclimatization rotation up to Camp-2.

3. Arnold Coster along with his team members and Sherpas summited Manaslu yesterday at around 6:15am, as reported. A team led by Mingma G. Sherpa reached Camp-3 yesterday. Two members and three Sherpas planned to summit push yesterday night, as reported by Mingma G. Sherpa. At least 12 climbers summited the mountain yesterday morning, as reported and more to be expected to reach the summit in next few days.


1. Two Russian climbers, Vitaly Lazo and Anton Pugovkin, who are planning to summit Annapurna without supplemental oxygen and Ski down from the summit on 24th September, they reached Camp-1 and planning to reach Camp-2 and next day planned to reach Camp-3 as well.

Cho Oyu:

1. Climbing the Seven Summits team reported the summit success on Cho Oyu yesterday, as they published on their website, "We are thrilled to announce the entire CTSS team is currently standing on the summit of Cho Oyu in perfect weather." Mountain Madness team also reported the summit news on the same peak yesterday via Twitter.

2. Adventure Consultants team led by Dean Staples, reached to Camp-1 on 25th September and aiming to reach Camp-2 on 27th September, depending on weather condition.

3. IMG team led by Dallas Glass and Ang Jangbu Sherpa, posted on their Facebook on 25th September, "...the fixing team reached the summit plateau yesterday..." Previously on 24th September, they reported that they spent night at a place between Camp-1 and Camp-2.

4. 7 Summits Club team, on 21st September, reported that they went down to Base Camp after spending night at 7100m. They also informed that the weather turned bad.

5. Alpenglow team led by Esteban "Topo" Mena, planned to go up for summit bid yesterday. Previously, on 20th September, they went down to ABC after spending two nights at Camp-1. During their acclimatization process, they nearly reached up to Camp-2. American climber Caroline Gleich, one of the members of this expedition, posted on her Facebook on 25th September, "Tomorrow, we are leaving for our summit bid on Cho Oyu! We had a successful rotation sleeping at camp 1, and getting our first ski turns above 21,000' /6,400m. After two days rest, we are nervously excited. We will spent a night at c1, a night at c2, and we plan to summit and ski on Sept. 28!".

6. Kobler & Partner team reported that they reached to Camp-2 on 24th September.

7. Chilean alpinist Hernán Leal reached the Camp-2 of Cho Oyu on 25th September. He has planned to summit Dhaulagiri after Cho Oyu this season.


1. 7 Summits Club team, already had their acclimatization rotation on 23rd September and now they are in the ABC and preparing for second acclimatization rotation.

Photo Courtesy: Sergi Mingote

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