A Team from Howrah undertook a coastal trek to promote cleanliness

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 7 , 2018

A team from Bengal has completed a coastal trek from Alleppey, Kerala to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. The team includes 8 people namely Debasish Chakraborty (40), Ujjal Das (43), Asnsuman Pal (40), Akash Majhi(20), Rajat Mallik (23), Debasish Bhataycherjee (33), Ramen Das (34) and Jaganath Samanta (43). The trek was organised by Howrah Adventure Sports Association. "The main objective of this trek was to clean the garbage along the sea beach and promote awareness among the people who stay near the sea", said Debasish Chakraborty.

The details of this trek is given below:
24-01-2018: A team of 8 people started from Alleppey to Thotapalli. After travelling for 22.2km they spent the night at the tent.

25-01-2018: They trekked for a distance of 22.3km and then travelled for a distance of 2km in boat.

26-01-2018: Azheekal to Kollam involved a 22km trek followed by a boat journey for 22km on national water wave from Alumkadavu to Kollam.

27-01-2018: Team trekked for 34km via Varkala, Ankengo to reach Chirayinkeezhu from Kollam and Spent the night at Sankara temple.

28-01-2018: A 12km walk from Chirayinkeezhu to Pallithura and they travelled by bus for 12km from Pallithura to Shankumugham beach.

29-01-2018: Rest day.

30-01-2018: They travelled Shankumugham to Kovalam by bus for 19km and walked for 33.2km from Kovalam to Poovar via Vizhinjam. They stayed the night in a boat jethi in back water.

31-01-2018: A trek of 34.4km from Poovar to Kadiapattanam vis Thengapattanam. They stayed the night in a tent.

01-02-2018: They trekked for 33.8km from Kadiapattanam to Kanyakumari via Kovalam beach.

Team collecting garbage from the coastline

This news was revised at 03:06pm on 07-02-2018

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