A team from Bengal summited an unnamed peak in South Zanskar valley

Dream Wanderlust | Oct 2 , 2017

A team of eight members from Bengal reached the top of an unnamed peak (6060m, 33°06'34.8"N 77°00'30.7"E) on 23rd August at around 10 am. The peak is situated at South Zanskar valley. They climbed via the South Face and through the West Shoulder of the peak. The team consisted of eight members. Sudipto Pal was the leader of the team. They proposed the name Mt. Toi Toi Kangri for the peak.

According to the leader this is the first Indian summit and overall second ascent on this peak. He also confirmed that a Japanese team holds the record for the first acsent of this peak in 2012.

Expedition summary:
Route: Shingo La - Kargiak - Base Camp - ABC - Camp-1 - Camp-2 - Summit (6060m)
Team members: Dipankar Barik, Sudipto Pal, Ranjit Negi, Chandrasekhar Chakraborty, Pradip Addya, Anindita Roy, Lotus Takpa and Sourav Iswarari
Summit members: All eight members
Summit time: 10 am (23rd August, 2017)
Organized by: Endeavor

The information was given by Sudipto Pal.

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