A spanish becomes the first to ski down Trollveggen

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 26 , 2018

Spanish Kilian Jornet became the first to have driven Fivaruta at Trollveggen on skis. Trollveggen, is part of the mountain massif Trolltindene (Troll Peaks) situated in the Romsdalen valley, on Norwegian west coast. Fivaruta was established by Arne Randers Heen and Eirik Heen in 1931. It was the first climb of the Troll tines from Romsdalen.

Andreas Fransson, a Swedish extreme skier, had spoken about skiing down the Trollveggen but never did that.
Romsdal's local mountain man, Ola Hovdenak, on a trip with jornet, describes that, in 1960s people began climbing the Trollveggen, in the 80's they were jumping down the Trollveggen, and now people are skiing down the Trollveggen.

"Steep skiing is an intense activity. There is no place for mistake and needs a lot of concentration at every turn. But the fun is big. It takes time, it can be days, month or years, to watch a face, a line and start to look at conditions. Last week I was fortunate to ski Fiva route at Trolltinden. It is 1600m of steep skiing, with big differences of conditions, textures and ski techniques. The upper 200m is for sure one of the steepest I have ever skied. Then 400m of a narrow couloir and after 1000m with more skiable sections with short very steep icy parts and exposed all the way down.
1600m. 55-60°. 2 abseil," Jornet writes on Facebook.

Photo Courtesy: Kilian Jornet

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