A cyclist from Kolkata sets out on a solo cycling expedition in the Trans-Himalaya

Dream Wanderlust | Feb 8 , 2017

Chandan Biswas, an avid cyclist and self-confessed adventure enthusiast from Bengal will embark on a solo cycling expedition in the Trans-Himalayan region.  He will try to traverse 5 SAARC countries and 72 districts and territories of India in this expedition.

Prior to this Trans-Himalayan cycling expedition, he has already undertaken expedition in the Himachal and Ladakh region. He cherishes a desire to travel across all old and new trails in the world such as Hippie Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Greater Patagonian Trail, Trans-Himalaya etc.  As the first step towards fulfilling his desire, he has chosen Trans-Himalaya as his first route of travel.  “I will undertake this expedition not only in pursuit of adventure but also for getting a flavour of culture which different places have to offer. Each and every regions has its own culture, which will be followed and documented”, says Mr. Biswas. He believes in living an adventurous life, the means of adventure holding no relevance.

The detailed itinerary of his expedition is provided below:

Distance to be covered: 8000 km. (Approx.)
Countries: 5 Countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and India
Districts: 72 Districts and Territories
Passes: 15 Passes
Days: 240 Days (8 Months)
Route: Kolkata > Bangladesh > Tripura > Manipur > Nagaland > Arunachal Pradesh > Assam > Bhutan > North Bengal > Nepal > Uttarakhand > Himachal Pradesh > Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh Region only).
Start & End Date (Expected): 2nd week of February 2017 to Last week of August 2017
Start & End Point: Kolkata, WB, India to Panamik Village, Jammu and Kashmir, India

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