Tushar Kanti De Tapadar

Profile Last Updated:2014-03-04

Mr. Tushar Kanti De Tapadar

Tushar Kanti De Tapadar is a teacher of mountaineering. He teaches people how to climb on rock, ice etc. He might not be a summiteer but for him a lot of people became so.

Name Tushar Kanti De Tapadar
Address Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani, Kol-700009
Mobile no +919434354152
Profession Mountaineering Instructor
Achivement First Civilian Bengali to be a permanent Instructor in Himalaya Mountaineering Institute.
Year of Basic Course 1986-87
Year of Advance Course 1989
Year of MOI Course 1990
Year of S&R Course 1992
Year Of Joining in HMI As Guest Instructor in 1990 and became permanent in 2003
Expedition Done several expeditions including Everest.(was not a member of summit team).