Way to Samanden

Supratim Mukherjee

Photographs: Sanjib Mandal
Category: Trekking, Hiking
Date of Publication: July 12 , 2012Vol-01 Issue-01

"Samanden" The Name Revels a lash green place in the season of rice planting or yellow at the time of harvesting. But we the bunch of friends named "Dream Wanderlust" gone their at the time of Chilling winter.The nature was at its cruel best & we were coming from -15 to -20degreeC in the uphills.The chill was really unbearable in the up But when One first see the village I don't think he/she remember those effects of cold anymore or moreover he/she will be affected by another unbearable urge to be there.


When you reach the village there will be a worm welcome with hot cups of tea in hand.The world will never be the same for you form the chilling cold of the "no mans land" where you have come from to the warmth of men in this pretty village will give you one good & one bad massage. The good one is here the nature is at its best looks to enjoy all time. And the bad one is the time of fun has gone and the time to return is near. though whatever be "Samanden" will always be one of the most beautiful girls of nature in my choice.

To reach samanden you need to go to shrikhola by car from New Jalpaiguri and then trek through Rambam & reach "Samanden". It will be an 1 day trail.Or you can go to phalut from sandakphu or kalijhar then through gorkhey you can reach "Samanden"It will also be an one day affair.It is a small village in Sikkim with the most humble & beautiful people staying there.

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