Top 5 Medicinal Plants in Himalayan Region and Their Medicinal Benefits

Manojit Ghosh

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Date of Publication: July 5 , 2013Vol-01 Issue-02

It is a known fact that geographical features, altitude, ecology, topography and climatic conditions are primarily responsible in making the Himalayan region a rich repository in biodiversity, especially in plant life. The Eastern Himalayan region is basically referred as "Cradle of Flowering plants" and the most interesting part is that the region boasts of having more than 400 species of medicinal plants.

The Himalayan medicinal plants play an imperative role in the local culture and economy of the region. The whole of Himalayan region abounds in medicinal plants that are used by the doctors as well as the local inhabitants for preparing various kinds of medicines, especially the eastern part. Besides that, people living here make use of these plants for treating common ailments. Not only that, they also collect them from different corners of the region and sell them at high price. However, this over-collection and unscientific exploitation of these medicinal plants to suffice the increasing global trade is threatening the bio-diversity of the region and many of the species are endangered now.

This piece of writing will tell you the names and benefits of five most popular medicinal plants of Himalayan Region. Please do have a quick glance and if you have any information, please share it with us.

Aconitum Ferox:

This is one of the most popular and powerful medicinal plant abundant in the highest point of Darjeeling Hills, West Bengal, India. This particular medicinal plant is used as an antidote for poison. Apart from treating poisons, Aconitum Ferox is also used for relieving all types of body pain, anxiety and breathing and also it helps in reducing fever. It is also partly effecting in curing ailments like gout, asthma and diabetes. The best part of Aconitum Ferox is that it gives quick relief from all your health issues.

Aconitum Ferox

Clematis Buchananiana:

A familiar garden plant, Clematis Buchananiana is basically used for treating sinus inflammation, toothache, headache and indigestion. This plant is known for producing beautiful and bright yellow fragrant flowers that makes the plant look different than the other medicinal plants residing in the Himalayas. A paste is prepared from the roots of this plant that helps in reducing inflammation and if the juice can be applied to the wounds, then it gives quick relieve from pain.

Clematis Buchananiana

West Indian Chickweed:

Just like the name, the plant is interesting too. Commonly known as Drymaria Cordata, the leaves of this plant is used for treating clogged sinuses and inflammation by wrapping its leaves in the banana leaves. The leaves of this plant are also utilized for treating snakebites in China and this is the reason why people of China consider this plant as magical herb. Other medicinal purpose of this plant includes its use as a stimulant and laxative. This plant is seen in almost all corners of Himalayan region.

West Indian Chickweed

Rhus Semialata:

Though Rhus grows abundantly as a deciduous tree in the Northeastern part of India, it can be also found in the foothills of Northeastern Himalayas, near Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is known as having huge medicinal properties. Inhabitants of Himalayan region use the fruit of this plant for curing diarrhea and dysentery. Some years back, it was revealed that this fruit reinforced traditional claims which again assured the effectiveness of this medicine.

Rhus Semialata

Hemp Agrimony:

This plant grows worldwide but in the Himalayan region, it has a different significance as a medicinal plant. Its cathartic, diuretic and anti-scorbutic properties make it a good remedy for purifying blood. In this region, extract of the plant is applied as a poultice for cutting and bruising. The juice made from the plant is also applied to stop bleeding. Besides that, tea and tincture prepared from the leaves of this plant cures influenza within a short span of time.

Hemp Agrimony

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