Luna Moth found in Odisha

Nilanjan Patra

Photographs: Piyush Kanti Bhunre
Category: Wildlife
Date of Publication: Jan 11 , 2013Vol-04 Issue-01

The Luna moth, (Actias Luna) considered to be the most beautiful silk moth was seen in the southern region of Odisha recently. This popular moth which has 4-5 inches of wing span is generally found in North America, Mexico and Canada. The general identifications are: large flat wing of lime green color with transparent pink eye spots and a long twisted tail. However, the species is rarely found in Asia or South Asian region. As per one of the report published in a popular Bengali daily, Anandabazar Patrika, dated 8th October, 2012, says that the species has been spotted in the Abhaypur Reserve Forest, Assam, India for the first time in Asia (see the Jibjagat section, Anandabazar Patrika, Edition: October 8, 2012 for reference).

luna moth
luna moth

One of the members of Team Wanderlust was lucky enough to spot one such male species of Indian Luna Moth in the campus of the National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur, Odisha on 9th October, 2012. From the snaps given here it is clear that the species is nothing but very rare Indian Luna. It has got all the identification marks such as lime green color wing, long twisted tail, four transparent pink eye spots and the darker shade at the top edge of the wing.

luna moth
luna moth

This news verifies that the Luna moth still exists in Asia.

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