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Date of Publication: May 21 , 2013Vol-01 Issue-02

Daringbadi is a beautiful hill station in Southern Odisha. It is situated at a height of 915m in Kandhmal district. It is also named as "Kashmir of Odisha" because it is gifted with bountiful natural beauty and experiences snowfall in winter. Daringbadi can be reached from Bhubaneswar (251 Km) by regular bus services. Daringbadi, OdishaThe nearest railway station is Berhampur (127 Km). However, I think the best way to explore this place is to book your own four-wheeler and roar through the jungle for the wonderful experience.

The virgin beauty of the land will touch your heart. This land of God is surrounded with natural beauties like dense rainforests, pine trees, coffee gardens, black pepper, turmeric gardens and majestic water-falls. The whole place possesses an untouched magnificence. The rich flora and fauna that adds to its impeccability are living their own lives without any human interference.

On the way to Daringbadi, you will find a lot of attractions. Daringbadi, OdishaAs this place is 3000ft. above the sea level, the tight and narrow bends of the road is quite difficult to drive because it curves a lot. It is of great relief that the path is two-way which makes driving little bit smooth. You can see monkeys sitting on both the sides of the road and looking at the visitors with extreme anxiety. Sometimes it seems like they are getting angry on the visitors because their privacy is being perturbed. The majestic waterfalls are runs down lazily yet to be explored. The slow drift and quiet flow of the water is so peaceful that you will feel like you have reached some other world where there is complete insanity. These are the places where calm beauty of nature sits still forever. Daringbadi, OdishaThe coffee garden is another beauty of its own kind. The smell of coffee from the plant is an experience in itself. The forest is also abundant with Madhuca longifolia commenly known as "Mahua" trees. It is a fast growing tree, amply found in forests or warm regions of northern and eastern India. The flowers of the Mahua trees are used to produce alcoholic drinks.

The local language spoken there is "Kui". The inhabitants of the village are mainly tribal called "Kuthia Kondo" and "Dongia Kondo". They reside deep inside the woods and generally get frightened by the modern civilized people. So usually they do not come out from their habitats. The faces of "Kuthia" tribes are tattooed. The legend has it that long time ago, the King used to take the beautiful tribal ladies away from the tribe. So to protect themselves from the evil king the faces were tattooed at a very early stage. The other local people residing here are very friendly and helpful.

Daringbadi, Odisha
Daringbadi, Odisha

If you want to be reminded by the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise. The majestic sunrise is so cherishing that you will feel like you are witnessing the miracle of nature. The beautiful morning at Daringbadi is not only sunrise but also a beautiful miracle of nature that defeats darkness and spreads light of hope, happiness, prosperity, power and above all, "love". It paints the sky with pink and blue. The chirping of birds flying in the wide sky inspires positivity for the new wonderful day. The dew drops on the leaves tell you a refreshing story everyday.

Now the beauty of the "Night Queen" at Daringbadi. The whispering of leaves, the bright stars, and the cool breeze are simply charismatic. It is a beauty of its own kind. You can cherish a wonderful moment- a moment when anything can happen, anything you can believe in.

Daringbadi, Odisha
Daringbadi, Odisha

Come to Daringbadi and fall in love once again and feel the piousness, innocence, tranquility and above all, the Godly love. Make Daringbadi your next destination. Come, enjoy and feel the untouched beauty of nature and redefine yourself.

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